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Last year has been great for us here at Gurock Software and we are very grateful for all the new customers, partners and teams we had the opportunity to work with. Just like last year we are looking into expanding our team in 2013 and we have some great projects lined up, especially for TestRail (stay tuned!).

This year we want to try something new though: instead of just concentrating on hiring local talent, we will also support working remotely for some of our job openings and we will consider the best candidates regardless of their location.

We will of course make sure that every new team member is fully integrated into our existing team, whether they are joining us here in our office in Germany or if they prefer to work from their home office (or a nearby co-working space, which looks like a great alternative we are happy to explore). We currently have the following job openings available:

For some positions (such as trainee positions) we prefer candidates to join us and work from our office here in Germany. See our local job openings on our German website:

If any of the above mentioned job openings is a good fit, we would love to hear from you! You would join a very experienced and motivated team, work on products our customers love and receive competitive benefits.

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