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Seamlessly integrate TestRail with the tools you already use and love or discover new applications to strengthen team collaboration, increase visibility, and improve your testing process.
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Empower your team with this two-way integration


No-code automation with centralized test results

Global App Testing

On-demand test execution and centralized results


Supercharge your testing efforts

Ranorex Studio

UI Test Automation powered with test design

Azure DevOps Boards

Plan smarter, collaborate better, ship faster


Adopt a complete end-to-end testing experience


Programmer-friendly Java testing framework


Unit-testing framework for all .Net languages


Create small and readable tests with Pytest

Robot Framework

Build a scalable test automation process


Powerful coverage of all test categories


Keep track of outstanding bugs effectively


Improve internal and external collaboration

GitHub Issues

Easily push bug reports to GitHub

Bitbucket Issues

Speed up development and keep software quality

GitLab Issues

Increase visibility into your automation results

Pivotal Tracker

Improve Agile project management


Improve tasks flow and team management with Asana


Adopt issue-tracking capabilities with Assembla


Integrate Scrum software for Agile teams


Maximize your team's effectiveness

Rally Software

Track test results and progress with Rally


Track software development projects


Improve task flow management


Improve test project management


Reporting dashboards where you want them


Adopt CI/CD to build, test, and deploy faster


End-to-end testing framework with Playwright

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    TestRail’s API can be used to integrate TestRail with various tools, frameworks and third-party applications. You can also submit a request for new built-in integrations for us to review and potentially add to our roadmap.

    Want to build an integration with TestRail?

    Let’s join forces and empower the QA and testing community. Develop a technical integration with TestRail and add even more value to your product.

    Featured Resources

    On-demand Test Execution and Centralized Test Results with TestRail and Global App Testing

    To stay competitive in today's market, software engineers and developers need to get things done more quickly than ever before—which can directly impact the quality of the product.

    If that challenge seems familiar, perhaps it’s time to enhance your testing resources. On-demand testing lets companies receive test results when they need them—helping teams throughout their development lifecycle.

    Centralized Test Management and Intelligent Test Automation with TestRail and Functionize

    Functionize is a low-code test automation platform designed to run end-to-end tests that are self-healing and can scale.

    By integrating Functionize with TestRail, you can plan which tests to automate more strategically, accelerate the creation of automated tests, and track the results of automated Functionize tests alongside the rest of your testing efforts.

    Streamlining test automation with TestRail

    This article will explore how you can leverage TestRail by using UI Scripts and the TestRail API to fully streamline your automated tests execution and debugging from inside TestRail.

    For demonstration purposes, we will use Pytest as the test automation framework, GitHub for source code management, Jenkins as the test automation orchestrator, and the TestRail CLI as an interface to the TestRail API to upload automated test results.

    Build quality processes and release with confidence