The Quality OS for Enterprise

With TestRail's Quality OS, you can scale QA processes across your organization, increase stakeholder visibility, and identify product risk more quickly, while maintaining security and compliance.

Ensure security and compliance

Maintain security and compliance with advanced security features.
Built-in support for SAML single sign-on, OAuth, and OpenID Connect safeguards user accounts and allows for centralized user management. And, with audit logging, you can trace all events across all projects in your instance to maintain a complete record of entity changes.

Orchestrate testing at scale

Leverage a single platform to centralize your testing activities across multiple projects, teams, and locations.
Project-Level Administration allows you to assign granular project admin controls, while Test Case Parameterization helps you test more rigorously and efficiently. Flexible integrations with project management, test automation, and CI/CD tools streamline your workflows across your entire development and testing life cycle.

Control your entire process

Gain complete control of changes to testing artifacts and configurations with advanced features and settings.
Test Case Review and Approvals workflows allow you to govern changes to your test case repository, while Test Case Versioning provides a full version history for all of your test cases. And with Custom Email Notifications, you can customize system emails and notifications so all stakeholders receive the updates relevant to them.

Join over 10,000 QA teams using TestRail to release flawless products, faster

user management

Delegate access and administration privileges on a project-by-project basis

Priority support
& onboarding

Experience unlimited technical support that includes remote sessions with expert Support Engineers


Easily provide stakeholders with the visibility they require via simple, visual reports and cross-project dashboards

Flexible integrations
and customizations

Take advantage of flexible integrations and customizations to match your organization’s unique workflows and needs

Trust, security, and compliance

TestRail Enterprise delivers enterprise-grade security and compliance features to make it easy to comply with regulatory requirements and pass audits. Set a custom backup schedule on TestRail Enterprise Cloud to improve redundancy while minimizing disruption, or self-host TestRail Enterprise Server for full control over network access and data residency.

Use Cases:
The Quality OS in action

Get total
control over
your testing

“TestRail is a great all-in-one tool for managing test repositories, creating test plans, tracking test execution progress, monitoring automation coverage, and generating insightful reports.”

Amrathraj Nayak

Engineer Manager - QA

Get total
control over
your testing

“When it comes down to preparing our test suites and test cases, we save 20% of our time using TestRail because we can create test cases and test suites faster with intuitive UI/UX.”

Jiří Malý

Senior Software Tester

Get total
control over
your testing

“TestRail improves our collaboration, efficacy, and application quality, which in turn provides the best customer experience.”

Kelli Jordan

Director of QA

Get total
control over
your testing

“TestRail enables us to deliver consistent product quality and communicate the state of testing in simple terms to management and executives.”

Moira Tuffs

Software QA Manager

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Testing in Regulated Industries

Does your QA team have to abide by compliance or regulatory standards such as ISO 9001, HIPAA, or SOX? This on-demand webinar is for you.

With years of experience in nuclear power and healthcare IT, TestRail Solution Architect Chris Faraglia will guide you through testing strategy and considerations for such regulated fields—as well as explore best practices for maintaining test quality of record and ways to accomplish continuous improvement of the testing process.

Build quality processes and release with confidence