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Weekly TestRail Product Demo

How can TestRail help you optimize testing efforts within your organization?

Join our introductory product demo to see how you can leverage TestRail’s core functionalities to improve your software testing processes, increase transparency and collaboration, and build more confidence in releases.

Jacob Scott, TestRail Sales Engineer, will be presenting this demo in two parts, each followed by 10-15 minutes of live Q&A:

  • Part 1: Basic Setup, Test Planning & Organization, and Test Execution

  • Break for live Q & A

  • Part 2: Integrations, Traceability & Coverage Reporting, Test Automation, and Advanced Customizations

  • Break for live Q & A

Every Wednesday

Time: 11:00 AM EST (5:00 PM CET)

Level: Introductory

Type: Demo

On-Demand Webinars

Reconnect the Dots: Unifying your QA Tech and Team

Watch a panel discussion on gaining efficiency through smart QA management with Sérgio Freire (Director of Solution Architecture, TestRail and XRay) and Keith Monahan (Director of QA Services, Rivers Agile). They cover:

  • What “good,” “better,” and “best” looks like for QA process maturity
  • How to prioritize tech adoption versus team development
  • Strategies for fostering cohesion between development and QA
  • And more!

The State of QA: Evolution over Revolution

Watch a panel discussion on key findings from the third edition of the Software Testing & Quality Report and the State of QA in 2024 with industry experts from TestRail and Ranorex/PreEmptive/Kiuwan.

Topics include:

  • QA tool and methodology adoption trends
  • Balancing faster release cadence with high quality
  • The future of AI in testing
  • And much more

Strategies for building successful
distributed QA teams

Does some or all of your QA team work remotely? Get insights on enhancing hybrid and remote QA models applicable across all sectors.

Topics include:

  • Methods to maximize and facilitate effective communication

  • Improving collaboration between QA and stakeholders

  • Implementing a defect triage process

Testing in Regulated Industries

In this webinar, TestRail Solution Architect Chris Faraglia guides you through the unique challenges and characteristics of software testing in regulated industries such as finance, energy, and healthcare.

Topics include:

  • Testing strategy and considerations

  • Maintaining test quality of record

  • Accomplishing continuous improvement of your testing process

TestRail Enterprise Feature Tour: Test Management

In this webinar, the TestRail team will walk you through the TestRail Enterprise capabilities that can help you scale your testing and take control of your processes more efficiently than ever before.

Topics include:

  • Test Case Review and Approvals

  • Test Case Versioning

  • Test Data Parameterization

TestRail Enterprise Feature Tour: Administration

In this webinar, the TestRail team will walk you through the TestRail Enterprise capabilities that can help you increase stakeholder visibility and maintain security and compliance. Topics include:

  • Single Sign-On

  • Project Level Administration

  • Audit Logging

  • And more

What Agile Testing is NOT

In this webinar, you will clear up some common misconceptions and get a more practical understanding of how to apply agile testing within your team’s existing workflows. You'll learn about these and more:

  • Approaching agile testing as a continuous process

  • Planning and prioritizing tests within agile sprints

  • Breaking silos and fostering a whole-team approach

An Intro to the TestRail API

The TestRail API allows you to connect TestRail to virtually any framework or tool to track automated test results, migrate test cases, synchronize data, query information, and more.

You'll learn about:

  • Common API use cases and integrations

  • Anatomy of an API call

  • How to create a test plan with two browsers configurations and upload test results using the API

OpenAPI Specs in Service of Testing

OpenAPI specifications are a powerful, programming-language agnostic way to streamline and improve your development, documentation, and testing processes.

You'll learn about:

  • What are Open API specs used for?

  • Using Open API specs with ReDoc, Swagger, VS Code, and Python

  • How to generate test cases in TestRail with Open API specs and the TRCLI

Test Automation with the TestRail CLI 1.4

The newest update to the TestRail CLI brings a host of improvements that will make it even easier to get visibility into all of your manual and automated testing in one place.

You'll learn about:

  • New specification-first workflow along with a code-first workflow

  • Ability to match test automation results to existing test cases using case IDs

  • Integration with SauceLabs

Test Automation: Don’t Believe the Hype

Test automation — it’s one of the hottest topics in QA today, but can you believe all the hype? Diogo Rede, TestRail’s Solution Architect & Testing Advocate, walks you through common misconceptions and how to build an approach that works for your team’s unique needs.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Select a test automation framework

  • Plan for a successful test automation

  • Overcome test automation challenges

What’s New in TestRail 7.8

This release includes Jira integration improvements, capabilities for the design and execution of BDD scenarios natively in TestRail, reporting and chart customization. Enterprise customers also get a new test data parameterization feature.

You’ll learn about:

  • How to use test parameterization

  • New BDD template

  • Customizable charts

Full Traceability with the Jira Integration

Traceability between test coverage and requirements is a must have for many companies, but it can be a challenge when it comes to quality assurance. Luckily, if you use TestRail and Jira, we’ve got you covered.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Take advantage of the Jira and TestRail two-way universal integration

  • Set up traceability and track test coverage

  • Plan test execution for full traceability

Test Reporting AMA

Is requirements traceability still relevant? How can you create more meaningful reports to track sprint progress? If you are struggling with reporting on your testing, check out this webinar and learn how to generate reports that are more valuable and less time-consuming.

You’ll learn about:

  • Traceability perks and downsides

  • Tracking sprint progress with reports

  • Automated reporting with TestRail

Software Testing & Quality Report 2022

What are the biggest challenges QA teams are facing today? How are teams like yours approaching test automation? What are their top priorities? Dive into the testing and QA world as we share our perspective on the 2022 Software Testing and Quality Report.

You’ll learn about:

  • Testing and QA within Agile and DevOps

  • Manual testing and the push to automate

  • Top focus areas of QA leaders like you

Introducing the TestRail CLI

TestRail CLI feature allows you to parse test automation results from nearly any test automation tool or framework, so you can focus on writing test code instead of having to worry about API calls. Check how you can report on manual and automated test results in one place with the CLI tool.

You’ll learn about:

  • Install and configure the CLI tool

  • Import JUnit-style test results in TestRail

  • Use TestRail CLI with CI systems

Test Automation in the Real World

Everyone knows that automation can save time, help you speed up testing, and help let you spend more time on other valuable tasks. However, not everyone knows where to start. In this webinar, you’ll learn how Mike Maliska, Senior QA Manager at PrismHR, and his team:

  • Identify the release life cycle segments and choose an automation tool

  • See what automation looks like in TestRail

  • Grow automation organically

  • Clearly define automation steps

TestRail 101

In this introductory webinar, you’ll see how you can leverage TestRail’s core functionalities to efficiently and effectively manage your software testing processes. 

You’ll learn how TestRail enables you to:

  • Plan and organize your testing with test cases, test steps, and sections

  • Track testing progress with real-time dashboards and sharing test reports

  • Seamlessly integrate with issue-tracking tools, automation tools, and more

To Automate or Not to Automate

“How do I decide which tests to automate?” For Simon Knight, TestRail Product Manager, the answer is: It depends— on your project, your team, the system under test, and several other considerations. 

What’ll you learn:

  • The goals and purpose of test automation

  • What test to automate and what to test manually

  • How to use test automation with a test management tool like TestRail

Anatomy of a Test Case

Clearly written test cases can mean the difference between a well-tested application and a poorly tested application. Product Manager Jon Reynolds shows how TestRail helps you write test cases that are specific and easy to understand.

You’ll learn how TestRail enables you to:

  • Organize your test cases with templates, sections, sorts, and filters

  • Import test cases from a CSV or XML

  • Segment and personalize test cases

What’s New in TestRail Release 7.6

TestRail 7.6 offers a new test parameterization feature and much-requested Jira integration improvements. For example, it’s now possible to update Jira issues without leaving TestRail and reference Jira issues directly from milestones and test plans.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Use test parameterization (Enterprise)

  • Reference Jira issues from milestones and plans

  • Update Jira data from inside TestRail

Test Planning Simplified: Part 1

Wondering how you can improve your test planning process to set you up to do more valuable testing in less time?

TestRail Product Manager Simon Knight shows how to simplify your test planning so you can do more testing and ship new releases even faster.

You’ll learn:

  • A better way to approach test planning

  • The 5 questions you should aim to answer during test planning

  • 3 ways to produce lean test plans in less time

Test Planning Simplified: Part 2

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” -Mike Tyson.

Watch this webinar to learn some tactical approaches to making a test plan that is comprehensive, actionable, and agile enough to roll with the punches using TestRail.

You’ll learn:

  • How to be more agile with test planning

  • 3 ways to accelerate planning using TestRail

  • What to do when your plan gets “punched in the mouth”

Test Planning Simplified: Part 3

Grow your software testing knowledge, get insights, and hear from other experienced QA professionals like you testing in the real world! Watch this recording of our panelist webinar moderated by TestRail Product Marketing Manager Matthew Caponigro.


What’s New in TestRail Release 7.0

TestRail 7.0 brings you two of the most-requested features by TestRail users over the last few years: Shared Test Steps and Test Case Restore. TestRail Product Manager Jon Reynolds guides you through these features as well as the other changes.

You’ll learn:

  • How to create Shared Test Steps and reuse them across multiple test cases

  • How to add References links and additional info to individual test steps

  • How to restore deleted Test Cases without a full instance backup

Integrating TestRail With CI/CD Tools

Effective test management is a critical component of an agile build and release process. Join this webinar for a live demonstration of integrating TestRail with your Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment pipeline.

You'll learn about:

  • Sending automated test results via API

  • Using TestRail with Jenkins and TravisCI

  • Kicking off automation from within TestRail

  • Sending a test run’s details to Slack

Integrating TestRail with Jira

TestRail provides a rich integration with Jira that makes it possible to push bug reports to Jira during testing, link issues to test results, and look up issue details from TestRail.

You'll learn how to:

  • Access the Jira plug-in from the Atlassian marketplace

  • Configure the integration with Jira Cloud, Server, or Data Center

  • Push bug reports to Jira

  • Jump to issues in Jira from TestRail

  • Customize the integration

Best Strategies for Remote QA Teams

If it’s not something you’re used to, it can take a while to figure out how to engage with your team and stay productive. TestRail Product Manager Simon Knight shares his secrets for successful remote working as a tester in any capacity — whether or not you’re using TestRail.

You'll learn:

  • How to stay demonstrably productive

  • How to record and share valuable testing information & insights

  • How to document bugs and issues so your team draw the greatest benefit from them