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What Is DevTestOps?

The goal of DevTestOps is to include continuous testing in the DevOps process which means starting testing from the requirements phase.

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7 Browser Tricks to Aid in Your Testing

This blog talks about Browser tricks – little features you might not even realize exist, mostly in the “developer tools” sections of the browser. These aren’t about code, but instead ways to make testing a little easier.This blog tal...

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Tips for Writing Effective Test Cases

Writing test cases is an art that requires the use of effective test design techniques mixed with experience, creativity and thinking out of the box.This blog discusses about some ideas to think of and write better and more effective test cases before you b...

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What Metrics Should You Be Using?

Many high-profile testers react negatively to most metrics programs. They argue that measurements usually do not measure the things intended. They point out that people change their behavior to drive the metrics in the direction management wants to see. The...

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6 Ways to Come Up with a Solid Test Strategy

Like other phases of the development process, effective test planning needs a lot of attention so that defects can be caught as early as possible. A good way to develop a test plan is to get clarity on different aspects of the testing phase. Here are six wa...

General, Agile

Are Your Test Cases Really Effective?

Test teams are forever designing and adding new tests, running them, and reporting results. But is your test team creating tests that are effective at finding real problems?How do you know if your tests are actually working, and not just adding to the ever-...

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Prediction Magic

Learn how tools and approaches like Agile/Lead Metrics help make predictions on everything from delivery to defects.

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Successfully Managing Outsourced Test Teams

Companies that pride themselves on having a great corporate culture need to adapt in order to stay connected as a remote workforce. What distributed companies can do to bring teams together, especially when physically getting together isn’t an option ...

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