On-demand Test Execution and Centralized Test Results with TestRail and Global App Testing

On-demand Test Execution and Centralized Test Results with TestRail and Global App Testing

Companies that want to stay competitive in the market are under intense pressure to release high-quality products faster than ever before. This means that software engineers and developers need to get things done more quickly, which can directly impact the quality of the product.

Developers working in sprints have short testing windows and the lack of quick QA and feedback can result in failed sprint commitment and carryover. Moreover, scaling QA resources can be challenging as they can be unevenly utilized and have too much or too little work at certain times in feature or major release cycles. On the other hand, automation improves the quality and speed of your testing but it is not enough to achieve synergy with manual testing.

If these challenges seem familiar, perhaps it’s time to enhance your testing resources. On-demand testing lets companies receive test results when they need them – helping teams throughout their development lifecycle. 

Global App Testing is an On-Demand crowdtesting solution that enables tech teams to test in over 150 countries with access to 70,000+ professional testers using real devices and environments. By integrating Global App Testing with TestRail, you can launch unscripted and scripted tests and receive results in as little as 15 minutes.

With this integration, you will be able to:

  1. Seamlessly launch tests & receive results in TestRail
  2. Get testing results back in real-time
  3. Have professional testers around the world execute your test cases
  4. Select specific groups of test cases from TestRail for use in a specific test run
  5. Access detailed reports to release faster
  6. Augment & support your internal QA teams

About the TestRail Global App Testing integration

The integration between Global App Testing and TestRail allows tech teams to speed up software release cycles, improve the visibility of testing results, and maintain quality on each delivery.

Organize and structure your test cases and test plans on TestRail. Then, launch exploratory and scripted tests with Global App Testing and receive real-time results using professional software testers on real devices. Launch tests at the click of a button and find critical issues before you release, with a full set of results delivered directly to TestRail in less than 6 hours.

Get access to fully detailed bug reports from Global App Testing to help you find and fix bugs before they become costly in production. Take advantage of TestRail’s extensive reporting capabilities to generate comprehensive project reports, track the coverage of your tests, as well as many additional metrics and statistics. Configure built-in reports to adjust them for your needs and have access to all relevant project details at your fingertips.

The integration between TestRail and Global App Testing acts as a single source of truth for all your testing requirements. Manage all your testing efforts in a central place and automatically import results from Global App Testing to TestRail so your entire team can keep track of your testing results in real-time with a powerful interface. 

Benefits of using Global App Testing with TestRail

Once you have integrated Global App Testing with your TestRail projects, you can:

Seamlessly launch & receive tests in TestRail

  • Easily launch tests directly from TestRail
  • Results are automatically delivered back into TestRail
  • Shift manual work within TestRail to Global App Testing with a click of a button
1 Launch a TestRail test
Launch a test directly in TestRail

Get testing results back in real-time

  • Issues found on real-world devices
  • Find critical and edge cases issues before you release
  • Full set of real-time results delivered in real-time directly into TestRail within 3-6 hours
2 View test case results in TestRail
Access test results in real time

See test case results to fix faster

  • Receive test case results from multiple testers
  • Failed test results display the actual result from each test step
  • Quickly jump back to your test results using hyperlinks
  • Through the GAT UI, you can access videos, screenshots, details of the testing environment, and any issues found
  • Identify and fix problems quickly before they become costly in production
  • Immediately re-test issues after a fix
3 Detailed bug reports in TestRail
Detailed bug reports appear directly in TestRail

Support your automation strategy

  • Pass urgent or difficult testing to GAT
  • Our crowd carries out manual testing whilst you build out your automation suite
  • Make your testing suite more robust by letting us take care of flaky tests
4 Create a test run in TestRail
Create a test run and launch a test seamlessly to the GAT community of testers

How the integration works

Using the integration between Global App Testing and TestRail is simple. 

First, structure your test planning in TestRail and organize test suites, sections, and cases. Easily manage your functional, exploratory, and automated tests in a centralized and collaborative platform that helps you to categorize, document, and report your projects. 

Then, generate an API key with Global App Testing and install the Global App Testing UI script in TestRail. This enables the launching of test runs – that professional testers from Global App Testing will execute – at the click of a button.

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Once installed, test case results will be sent directly to the test run in TestRail, and defects reported during exploratory testing will be available in the Global App Testing UI.

Use TestRail’s comprehensive reporting capabilities to share live statistics with your team so you can all be on the same page. Generate detailed reports for projects, milestones, plans, and runs in TestRail and compare results across multiple test runs, configurations, and milestones. Receive traceability and coverage reports for requirements, tests, and defects. Let TestRail automatically generate reports based on your configured schedules and share test results with customers, partners, and other stakeholders.

Don’t just take our word for it

Since September 2021, LineTen, a technology company recognized for its outstanding technical capability in integration and aggregation, has been working with Global App Testing by integrating TestRail with the Global App Testing crowdtesting platform. The integration allows LineTen to launch tests directly from TestRail to GAT’s crowd of professional testers and receive results directly into TestRail within 4 hours. 

‘’Through taking advantage of TestRail’s integration with Global App Testing, we have been able to launch tests directly into Global App Testing’s crowd of professional testers and receive results back into TestRail in real-time – this seamless integration and approach to functional testing has been quick and effective and provides our clients and us with the high confidence needed to release defect-free applications.’’ 

John Smerek, Chief Technology Officer, LineTen

LineTen’s primary use cases:

  • Running sanity checks on small releases daily
  • Running larger smoke tests or regression testing on feature releases
  • Running exploratory tests for identifying edge case scenarios and issues
  • Verifying the functioning of specific flows and features throughout the development and release process

LineTen identified a bottleneck in their development and release process concerning QA and testing. By using the Global App Testing crowdtesting platform, they have been able to successfully speed up the testing and release process throughout the development cycle. With testing results centralized in TestRail, they now deliver software with confidence by improving collaboration between developers, QAs, software engineers, product owners, and business stakeholders.

Want to see how this integration works?

On October 27th at 11:00 PM EDT (5:00 PM CEST), together with Global App Testing, we’re hosting a webinar called “The Automation Testing Paradox – how can a manual testing solution help you automate more tests?”.

Join us and learn how to:

  • Get manual testing results back in real-time and seamlessly launch tests & receive results in TestRail ⏱️
  • Simplify your workflows to run your manual and automated tests out of a single dashboard ‍
  • Improve the visibility of testing results and access detailed reports to release faster
  • Free up your resources to give your team time to automate more tests and to fix flaky automated tests you have currently
  • Establish your strategy regarding what to test in-house, what to test on-demand, where to test manually and where to automate

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