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Test Automation in Agile: Advanced Strategies and Tools

In agile software development, efficient and reliable test automation is essential for maintaining quality and speed. Agile methodologies demand rapid iterations and continuous delivery, making robust testing frameworks a necessity. Test automation streamli...

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Agile, Business, General, Programming, Software Quality

Understand Your Geographically Distributed Agile Team

We tend to lump all kinds of distributed and dispersed teams together. But they are different and their differences imply different benefits and problems between teams. Learn the difference between satellite, cluster, and nebula teams, and how to facilitate...

Automation, Business, General, Programming, Security, TestRail, Websites

Pursuing the Secure Cryptocurrency Wallet

Although you can test blockchain apps using non-live blockchains, eventually you have to assess how your app runs in a live environment. That means you have to use it, and pay for it, using real cryptocurrency. The security of your cryptoassets, even when t...

Business, General

Testing and Beyond: An Interview with Ben Kelly

Over the 15+ years Ben Kelly has been testing he has built and led teams in Australia, Japan and the UK at companies ranging from small start-ups to enterprise level multinational corporations, including heading up software testing for the European Product ...

Business, General, Software Quality

The High Price of Delayed Feedback

Most of us are familiar with the development benefits of small batches. The company can release the most important features and gain value in weeks, days, or hours, instead of waiting to release the entire kitchen sink in six months. Even if we did not real...

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