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One thing that often comes up during discussions with customers about our test management software TestRail is that they appreciate the straightforward pricing structure. To understand this you need to know that most products in this category are so-called enterprise products: very expensive, with complex licensing structures and it’s
impossible to try out the software by just visiting the vendor’s website (“You want to test our product and download a trial? Sure, why not register here and one of our sales representatives will call you shortly!”).

Because many users are fed up with vendors that don’t even list the product prices on their website, they end up looking for open source tools that don’t require them to jump through dozens of hoops to learn more about the software. What a lot of users don’t know is that there are professional test management tools out there that are affordable, have readily-available trial versions and that can be purchased without discussing endless pricing options in conference calls.

open source test management

On the other hand, there are definitely cases where open source test management tools come in handy, be it for testing other free software products, in educational settings or if you have a very tight budget. To make it both easier for users to learn about all the available open source tools and to educate users about our test management tool as a possible alternative, we have created a new micro site in the same spirit as our .NET Logging and Java Logging sites.

So without further ado, welcome to our new Open Source Test Management micro site. We hope this site will be a useful reference to learn more about available open source tools and at the same time also help us get some publicity for our own product. If you have any suggestions about additional tools that should be listed on the site, just let us know! We of course also appreciate links to our new website if you find it useful.

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