Intersection and TestRail: A Customer Story

We love to hear how our customers are using TestRail to manage and improve upon their testing efforts! So we were delighted to read this article from Intersections Joshua Gorospe about some ideas for combining model based exploratory testing with automation – particularly when the team uses TestRail as the “central hub for all our manual and automated test results”.

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In particular, we spent a goodish amount of time geeking out over the designs for their “Path Deciding Model Based Exploratory Test” and “Wolfpack Strategy Model Based Exploratory Test” frameworks. You can see a screenshot below of the TestRail results from one of the Docker containers used in the Wolfpack framework, Follower Container One:

Test Results from Intersections Robot Framework Follower Container OneTest Results from Intersections Robot Framework Follower Container One

We’re looking forward to hearing more from Joshua and his team as they continue to develop ideas and experiments for improving and extending their test capabilities. If you want to learn more about their activities and watch a demonstration video then I highly recommend you read the full article, here.

Do you have a story about your testing you’d like to share with us? Leave a comment below, or feel free to contact me directly!

Post by Simon Knight, Gurock Product and Community Manager. Follow him on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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