The trusted choice for Software Quality Management: TestRail

TestRail, the popular software quality management tool, helps you coordinate your testing efforts and meet your quality goals.

Collect test cases, manage test suites, plan test runs, track execution, and track results

Manage Test Cases, Suites, and Runs
TestRail can handle large numbers of test cases. Test suites and milestones keep things organized.
Actionable Real-Time Reports
Clear reports, project dashboards, and email notifications tell you where you are in the test cycle.
Track Execution and Capture Results
Detailed history of past test results and effort estimates help you plan your next test runs.

Software quality management is a key success factor

Delivering great software depends on many factors, quality surely being one of the most important ones. Software quality management is key in making sure that the final product meets all requirements and works as expected.

Therefore quality management should start the same day a new project is laid out. Just as important as the development plan, the software quality plan lists quality goals, resources, and the timeline for making sure that quality standards are met.

One critical part of the quality plan is defining the set of test cases to measure quality and confirm that all requirements are covered.
Depending on the size of the project this can range from a few dozen to hundreds if not thousands of test cases.

TestRail can handle both small and large testing projects. To keep things organized, test cases can be organized in test suites. If that is not enough, project milestones come to the rescue. TestRail’s built-in reports help you to quickly get an overview of the project status.

See for yourself how TestRail can help with your software quality management: try it for free today!

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