What is your plan for quality assurance?

Spreadsheets are for crunching numbers, not for organizing hundreds of test cases, tracking results, and generating status reports. That’s what TestRail is for, the easy-to-use, web-based solution for QA and Dev teams.

Discover a better software QA planning solution

Manage Cases, Test Suites, and Runs
TestRail can handle large numbers of test cases. Test suites and milestones keep things organized.
Real-Time Insights, Reports, and Charts
Project status boards, milestone reports, and email notifications keep you and your team informed.
Reuse Existing Test Cases as Templates
Quickly add new tests by copying individual test cases, complete test suites, or only selected sections.

Your software quality assurance plan is a living document

The world’s best software development methodology won’t get you very far without ensuring software quality. Software QA is not something you do after the fact, when the product is already built. It has to be part of the process right from the start.

It is all about identifying risk early on. In the same way that you tackle the most complicated parts of the product first, software quality assurance makes sure that you meet your quality goals from day one.

Therefore, a Software Quality Assurance Plan is not something you “write and forget”. With changing requirements and a growing code base, test cases need to be added and updated. It is usually a collaborative effort to keep the test plan in sync with the project, track test results, and plan the next test runs.
We’ve built TestRail with the goal in mind to make all this as efficient and easy as possible. Team members can access the test plan via a web-based interface. In addition to organizing test cases, TestRail lets you also assign tasks, keep track of effort estimates, and generate various reports with different levels of detail.

All test results are archived so that you can always go back and look at past results including comments, attached files, and links to external bug trackers. Take a look yourself to see how TestRail can help you organize your Software Quality Assurance plan.

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Beyond the product

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