The QA Lead’s Guide to Agile Testing

Your team is likely already utilizing Agile or an Agile-like scrum methodology to some extent. However, despite widespread adoption, many organizations are still working toward getting Agile “right."

This guide will provide actionable takeaways in seven key areas of agile testing that any QA manager will be able to use to improve and optimize their strategy, including how to:

  • Get aligned on QA's role in Agile

  • Adapt your test approach to an agile environment

  • Make your automation agile

  • Find the balance of 'just enough' documentation

  • Measure what matters

  • And more

Executive Summary

Many QA teams are already utilizing Agile or an Agile-like scrum methodology, yet still struggle to find the balance between the fast-paced Agile development cycle and delivering quality software their customers can count on. This guide provides actionable and impactful agile testing takeaways that you can introduce now, as well as a "Crawl/Walk/Run" framework to help your team get onboarded and start seeing results.

The QA Lead's Guide to Agile Testing

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