Lean QA and Agile Testing Talk with TestRail

The Atlassian Summit conference is currently under way and while we unfortunately didn’t make it to San Fransisco this year (we are busy adding new features to TestRail), quite a few users and customers of our test management tool attend this year. Some are even involved with giving talks and Giancarlo Bisceglia & Maurizio Mancini had a great session this year.

Their talk titled How to Build in Quality from Day 1 using Lean QA and Agile Testing shows what principles they use to embed testing and a quality culture as part of their development teams. They also cover how they use TestRail together with the Atlassian suite (JIRA, Confluence, Bamboo etc.) for full traceability between requirements, testing and bug reports. We thought this talk would be very interesting and relevant to a lot of TestRail users, so we wanted to share it.

If you’re struggling to implement QA methods that fit with agile’s core principles, you’re not alone. Join Giancarlo and Maurizio as they explain how their teams found a sweet spot at the intersection of agile and QA engineering. They’ll share common pitfalls and how to avoid them. Plus, get tips and tricks on how to capture requirements and link JIRA to test repositories for complete traceability.

You can also find full presentation slides and speaker details at the Summit website. We will continue to share interesting talks, sessions, open source projects and third-party integrations for TestRail. So if you find anything interesting to share as well, please let us know!

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