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TestRail User Survey Results 2020: Part 1

We are excited to share the insights from the 2020 TestRail User Survey. In total, we received over 2,500 responses to this year’s survey! In this post, we share the results and break down some key demographic highlights from this year’s survey....

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10 Ways Unit Tests Go Right — and Wrong

Here are 10 examples of often misunderstood corners of unit testing likely to appear in your projects, so you can analyze how unit tests can be helpful or go wrong.Here are 10 examples of often misunderstood corners of unit testing likely to appear in your ...

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Performance Testing with No Budget

Today I will give a few examples of cases that are not big enough to warrant a full-time performance tester, where traditional functional testers and test groups stepped up to do the work. I’ll show you what I did, teach you how to do it, and, alo...

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Defining Your Definition of Done

As you and your agile team race against time, you all have your eye on your individual goals. The success of the team and the release depends on everyone getting their part done in time. But how do you define ‘being done?’

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What to Test When You Can’t Test Everything

“Test Everything” is a phrase that seems to keep coming back, at least in some organizations. Even with the adoption of Agile or DevOps, the idea of there being more to test than what can be done in the time available can be kind of scary. How d...

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Four Tips to Write Better Bug Reports

How you report the bugs you find plays a key role in their fate: being understood, resolved, deferred, or rejected. It is imperative for every tester to communicate the defect well. Here are some tips to help you write better bug reportsHow you report the b...

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Quality and Testing

I see it a lot. I bet you do too. People talk about Software Quality Assurance, Quality Control, and Testing. Many treat the terms as interchangeable. As if they all mean the same thing. Do they?

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5 Tips for Prioritizing Bugs

As the test lead on our flagship product, I live in the backlog, and I breathe these bugs. A normal release for us fixes roughly 20 bugs that are unrelated to new work. With a backlog of about 200 bugs to choose from, I had to learn how to prioritize bugs a...

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Testing Predictive Analytics Models

Testing data analytics models is different from testing most other types of software. While you are testing the model’s performance, you’re also testing how well it performs on data. Any model’s accuracy depends on the model itself and the...

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For Good Data Management, You Need a Well-Defined SLA

When it comes to data management in a distributed system, you have a choice of good (consistent), fast (available) or distributed (partitioned) ” pick two. A well-defined service-level agreement (SLA) helps you match the required state of data to the situa...

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