Announcing TestRail 1.0

We are really excited to announce the release of our new test case management tool TestRail. After working on TestRail for more than 18 months and running an extensive beta program, it’s great to finally release the product and get it out the door.

We also want to thank all testers who participated in TestRail’s beta test. Without your feature suggestions, ideas, and bug reports, the 1.0 certainly wouldn’t be what it is today. We’ve got more than 350 beta signups during the beta and are really grateful for all the feedback and emails we’ve received. Thank you! If you participated in the beta test, please check your email inbox for a small TestRail launch present.


When we released the first beta versions of TestRail last August, we didn’t plan for such a long beta phase. We intended to release a few beta versions and release it in November 2009 at the latest. Based on the feedback we received during the beta, however, it became apparent that TestRail would benefit from a few critical enhancements that we wanted to add before the release (such as test plans and configurations, nested sections including drag&drop, print support, and importing/exporting).

The feedback during the beta made us confident that a modern and fresh approach to test management is needed and it was great to see that it was so well received by beta testers. There are still a lot of things that didn’t make it into the 1.0 that we want to see in the future of course, but I believe we’ve created a strong foundation for future enhancements and improvements.

We’ve updated TestRail’s website with new screenshots and a product tour as well as pricing details and licensing information. To celebrate the release of TestRail we are offering special introductory prices, so make sure to evaluate TestRail soon if you are interested in the tool. You can download a free and fully functional trial copy of TestRail from our website.

As usual, the change log and update instructions for this release can be found in our forum. If you have any questions about TestRail or this release, just let us know!

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