Introducing TestRail’s New Brand

TestRail - New Logo

We are thrilled to announce the launch of TestRail’s new brand. 

You have probably noticed a few new things already: updated colors, a refreshed logo, and our new “” website. 

But our new brand goes beyond just colors and design. The new TestRail brand represents what we believe, where we’re headed, and our commitment to you, the amazing community of QA engineers, testers, developers, business analysts, product managers, and others who use TestRail to test and ship products that change the world.

Why now

When TestRail launched in 2010, we were driven by the conviction that QA teams needed a more modern and fresh approach to test management. But a lot has changed in the world of testing since then.

Around that time, advances in cloud computing and the introduction of new software development tools started to allow software teams to deploy faster and more frequently.

Small startups began disrupting large incumbents by building software that was higher quality, more innovative, and easier to use. To stay competitive, large organizations adopted agile as their development methodology in an attempt to deliver more valuable software to users, faster.

This raised expectations for software across the board. Today, customers demand near perfection. Get things wrong once? Say goodbye to any trust you built.

To keep up, your teams have evolved. You have shifted left. You have adopted new approaches to testing and new tools, including a wide range of different test automation frameworks. Testers and QA engineers play a more consultative role, embedding with developers, business analysts, and product managers to promote a culture of quality throughout the organization.

The primary goal for our rebrand was to reflect this brave new world of testing more closely and illustrate how TestRail helps you to elevate quality within it.

Orchestrate Testing. Elevate Quality.

Today, TestRail is the standard for test management used by over half a million users across more than 10,000 companies around the world. At our core, we believe that when QA teams have the tools they need, they can unleash their potential, elevate quality, and release better products into the world, faster. 

Many of the TestRail users we consulted throughout the rebrand process reaffirmed this belief. During these conversations, three core themes stood out.


Everyone we spoke with told us how important TestRail is to building the foundation for their QA processes. 

With TestRail, you can centralize test management and planning to build repeatable, scalable workflows that fit any development pipeline.


The teams we interviewed also told us how important it is that TestRail helps them connect QA with the rest of development. 

TestRail integrates with DevOps pipelines, test automation frameworks, and requirements / issue-trackers through TestRail’s REST API, the TestRail CLI, or one of TestRail’s built-in issue-tracker integrations.

This gives everyone on your team visibility into testing and creates a shared understanding of the quality of your application for all stakeholders.


Finally, teams rave about how TestRail provides them the ability to scale their testing as their product grows. Companies like NASA, Amazon, and Adobe use TestRail to run thousands of tests per day across multiple projects, teams, and lines of business.

TestRail gives QA teams more actionable insights so they can go from just orchestrating tests to optimizing their entire QA process. 

These three pillars—build, connect, and optimize—capture the core value delivered by TestRail to our users. They became our guiding principles as we worked to create our new brand.

New look & feel

As we updated our core brand messaging, we also sought to update our look and feel to match.

The TestRail logo

One of the hardest decisions we made in this process surrounded TestRail’s logo. 

Our original logo—the iconic six squares in green, yellow, and red—did a fair job representing how TestRail helps teams track the results of testing in real-time. The stair-step icon became well-recognized in the industry, almost synonymous with testing.

And yet, as we reflected on interviews with TestRail users and the new direction set by our core brand pillars, we realized that our logo didn’t reflect the experience of the people actually using TestRail.

Teams using TestRail day-in and day-out care about getting real-time visibility into their testing. But even more than that, they care about improving their testing processes, breaking down silos, and uniting the entire team in a shared responsibility for quality.

testrail logo evolution

We rotated the icon on its axis to reveal the point of an arrow and set the composite squares to “passed test” green, illustrating how TestRail helps teams move quality forward together.

testrail logo

Visual identity

We also created a new visual identity to illustrate our core brand pillars and how they relate to the stages of agile testing.

Test Design

The test design, or deciding how you test your system or product, is the first step to setting the foundation of your testing program. In our new visual identity, you see testers investigating the system under test, identifying areas of risk, and highlighting key areas they need to explore to ensure users receive maximum value.

TestRail Tower - Design

Test Planning

Once you decide how to test, you have to plan when to test, who is involved, and the resources needed to start. 

Here you see a team prioritizing tests and setting timelines in a test plan. Test plans can be agile or waterfall depending on your team’s processes. No matter how you approach development, having a plan is crucial to making your testing efficient and effective.

Test Plannig

Test execution

The test execution stage is where test plans come to life. Here you see testers working independently or together to investigate new features and record their findings. Some individuals appear to be running manual tests while others interact with flying robots representing tests your team has already automated.

TestRail Tower - Execution

Reporting and Analytics

Ultimately, the value of testing lies in the outcomes that your testing activities produce. 

Here you see teams analyzing the results of testing with a clear picture of the state of quality of their product. With increased visibility for all stakeholders, your team can triage the risks you need to address before you go to production or celebrate another release ready to ship to customers.

TestRail Tower - Reporting

The Quality OS

The reality is that none of the steps required to build more efficient, effective QA processes exist independently or operate 100% automatically. 

When you step back, you see the whole picture more clearly: the success of your testing program depends on each stage of testing moving in synchrony with the others on a single, integrated platform—a platform purpose-built for QA. 

TestRail is more than a test management tool: it is an operating system that brings talented people from cross-functional teams together to elevate quality across your entire organization.

TestRail Tower - Full View

TestRail’s website

Besides the sleek new look and feel of our website, you’ll notice something different in the address bar. 

While our company continues to operate under the legal name Gurock Software GmbH, you can now visit all of our web properties at the domain Here are a few sites with new addresses that you might find useful to bookmark:

  • – our home on the web, where you can find out more about TestRail, read about how other customers have used TestRail to achieve success with their testing, and get access to learning opportunities via webinars and our blog
  • – the TestRail Customer Portal, where you can manage your existing TestRail subscription and / or licenses, billing information, and account contacts
  • – our support portal and knowledge base, where you can learn how to use new TestRail features and communicate with our team
  • – our brand-new TestRail Academy, where you can take courses to learn best practices and upgrade your TestRail skills

We hope our new home at makes it easier to find us online, streamlines communication with our team, and reflects our commitment to improving the TestRail product to better serve you in the years to come.

What’s next 

At the end of the day, the value of a brand is the way it resonates with your lived experience and the vision of the future it invites you to be a part of.

With the launch of our refreshed brand, we hope to communicate a vision of a platform that empowers you to build, connect, and optimize all of your testing processes so that you can elevate your team out of chaos and toward faster, frictionless releases.

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