Software Testing & Quality Report

See how software testing teams like yours are taking on testing and QA in the third edition of this industry report!

Find out how other QA engineers, testers, SDETs, and more, from 30+ industries and 100 countries around the world are taking on testing and QA today! In this report, we uncover surprising data about the adoption of test automation, top challenges and priorities, and the effective use of artificial intelligence right now!

Download the third edition of the Software Testing and Quality Report to learn more about:

  • Which testing methodologies and techniques your peers are currently using and which they are considering adopting over the next 12 months

  • How teams like yours are approaching test automation and what struggles they’re finding balancing automated and manual testing projects

  • The biggest challenges testing teams are facing today—like increasing automation and integrating testing with CI/CD pipelines 

  • The most common testing KPIs and how those are shifting over time as DevOps becomes more widely adopted

  • The top priorities for testing and QA teams


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