Why Choose TestRail Over Tricentis qTest?

When Solitea switched to TestRail from another test management platform, they reclaimed 20% of their time by completing work faster thanks to TestRail’s intuitive and customizable UI / UX.
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For teams that want to integrate with the entire Tricentis suite of testing tools (like Tosca), Tricentis qTest might be a good option. However, most users find they need more flexibility in their project organization, don’t want to pay extra for “bells and whistles” they don’t need, and ultimately choose TestRail. If you’re looking to understand the differences between TestRail and Tricentis qTest, you’ve come to the right place.

Compare TestRail vs. Tricentis qTest

Tricentis qTest
Ease of use
Intuitive UI/UX & easy to learn
Complex UI with a high learning curve
Test management
Flexible test case and test execution hierarchies
Confusing and cumbersome organization
Test case templates
Use multiple different test case templates to support different kinds of testing in the same project
Only one test case template per project allowed
Customizable dashboards and charts that include cross-project reporting
Limited flexibility and customization in test execution reporting
Integrates with a wide range of DevOps tools like Jira, Jenkins, GitHub, GitLab, and Azure DevOps, and test automation tools like Selenium, JUnit, TestNG, Playwright, Cypress, and mor
Prioritizes integration with Tricentis platform over other tools, limited support for test automation outside of Selenium and Tosca

"When it comes down to preparing our test suites and test cases, we save 20% of our time using TestRail because we can create test cases and test suites faster with the intuitive UI/UX.”

Jiří Malý, Senior Software Tester, Solitea

Jiří Malý

Senior Software Tester

Why users love TestRail

  • TestRail is purpose-built for testing teams

  • TestRail is fast and easy to use, making it effortless to organize your testing and onboard new team members

  • TestRail gives you the ability to customize your QA processes to fit your specific testing workflows and easily integrate with your tech stack via API, webhooks, UI scripts, and the TestRail CLI

  • TestRail gives you complete control over your testing processes with the ability to lock historical test execution from future changes, control user permissions through role-based security settings, and build test case review and approval workflows

  • TestRail scales with your organization, allowing you to manage thousands of test cases and millions of test executions across a single TestRail instance without slowing down

  • TestRail meets most security requirements set forth by users’ IT departments like SOC 2 Type 2 compliance, multi-factor authentication, and single sign-on

TestRail Testing Dashboard
TestRail Automation Test Run

“UI/UX was important for us when searching for a new test management solution and TestRail’s UX is very intuitive, so we don’t have to look for much help.”

Jiří Malý, Senior Software Tester, Solitea

Jiří Malý

Senior Software Tester

Top reasons why teams choose TestRail

TestRail vs. Tricentis qTest

TestRail is flexible and easier to configure, which makes it simple to improve visibility into testing, speed up testing cycles, and ultimately release features faster. TestRail can also help you cut costs. Despite being more expensive, qTest is rigid, complex, and cumbersome to use, which ends up slowing down the testing process.

Why choose TestRail over Tricentis qTest

  • TestRail is faster and more intuitive, allowing you to be more productive and complete more work in less time

  • TestRail comes at a fraction of the price of Tricentis qTest

  • TestRail is a more scalable solution with flexible and customizable workflows that can change and adapt to growing teams

  • TestRail offers seamless integrations with Jira and dozens of other tools while providing the flexibility of integrating with TestRail CLI and UI scripts (not just API or webhooks)

  • TestRail is compatible with both Windows and Linux operating systems, as well as all major web browsers (MS Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari)

Quality engineered for Enterprise

Compatible with security and compliance regulations but flexible enough to integrate with any workflow or tech stack. Customizable to fit any sized organization at any scale. TestRail is the only choice for enterprises looking to seriously elevate software testing.

Get total
control over
your testing

“TestRail is a great all-in-one tool for managing test repositories, creating test plans, tracking test execution progress, monitoring automation coverage, and generating insightful reports.”

Amrathraj Nayak

Engineer Manager - QA

Get total
control over
your testing

“When it comes down to preparing our test suites and test cases, we save 20% of our time using TestRail because we can create test cases and test suites faster with intuitive UI/UX.”

Jiří Malý

Senior Software Tester

Get total
control over
your testing

“TestRail improves our collaboration, efficacy, and application quality, which in turn provides the best customer experience.”

Kelli Jordan

Director of QA

Get total
control over
your testing

“TestRail enables us to deliver consistent product quality and communicate the state of testing in simple terms to management and executives.”

Moira Tuffs

Software QA Manager

Build quality processes and release with confidence