TestRail and Jira Integration 101

TestRail and Jira two-way integration can help your team speed up testing, improve communication, and identify risky releases.

Learn how to link test results to issues, create bug reports in Jira directly from TestRail, and run powerful coverage reports. Look up issue details and jump to Jira to test results within Jira issues.

Check out this full step-by-step tutorial to see how you can easily integrate TestRail with Jira and efficiently manage, track, and coordinate your software testing efforts — all from a centralized and easy-to-use web application.

You'll learn about:
00:00 - How To Set Up the Integration in TestRail
04:00 - Configuring the Defects Integration
08:08 - Pushing a Bug to Jira Directly from TestRail
12:28 - Configuring the References Integration
14:08 - Setting Up Traceability with TestRail and Jira
17:03 - Checking Test Coverage with Reports
22:01 - How To Configure the TestRail Jira App
23:57 - Monitoring Test Progress Inside Jira

You are in good company. Many of the world’s best teams use TestRail.