Testing in Regulated Industries: A Tactical Guide for QA Managers

This guide is the ultimate resource for QA managers navigating the challenges of compliant testing in highly regulated fields such as healthcare, finance, and energy.

In addition to the ever-present challenge of delivering higher-quality software faster, QA managers in these environments must grapple with a complex web of compliance, security, and data integrity standards and a significantly lower risk tolerance.

Included are actionable strategies and takeaways in these key areas of regulated QA management:

  • Test “Quality Records”
  • Compliance and security
  • Environment test data management
  • Disaster recovery
  • Managing distributed teams

The guide wraps up with example templates for self-assessments to help your team stay audit-ready and continuously improve and streamline your QA processes.

Executive Summary

QA managers in industries such as healthcare, finance, and energy face unique challenges when it comes to navigating the complexities of regulatory standards and increased security needs. This guide provides actionable takeaways to help the highly-regulated team stay organized, compliant, and always ready for the next audit.

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