Test Automation: Don’t Believe the Hype

Test automation — it's one of the hottest topics in QA today, but can you believe all the hype?

In this webinar, Diogo Rede, TestRail’s Solution Architect & Testing Advocate, walks you through common misconceptions about test automation and how to build an approach to automation that works for your team's unique needs.

Topics include:
00:00 - Introduction
00:49 - Why Automate?
04:48 - Wrong Ways to Automate Your Testing
07:03 - Selenium Is Not Automation Framework
08:17 - Automation Frameworks Are Infrastructure
09:42 - Test Automation Will Not Replace Human Testing
10:48 - Test Automation Frameworks and Tools
12:38 - How To Select a Test Automation Framework
18:45 - Scenario Example: Choosing Your Framework
21:09 - Planning for a Successful Test Automation
25:50 - Most Common Test Automation Challenges
27:19 - Potential Solutions To Automation Challenges
30:45 - Necessary Skills To Automate Your Testing
32:35 - Final Takeaways

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