OpenAPI Specifications In Service of Testing

OpenAPI specifications are a powerful, programming-language agnostic way to document HTTP APIs. You can use OpenAPI specifications to streamline and improve your development, documentation, and testing processes.

In this recorded webinar, TestRail Solution Architect Diogo Rede shows how to work with OpenAPI specifications and various testing and development platforms, including the TestRail CLI.

You will learn about:
00:00 - What is API testing?
02:25 - What are OpenAPI specifications?
04:39 - What are Open API specs used for?
08:48 - Exploring an Open API specification
12:38 - Open API specs with ReDoc
14:50 - Open API specs with Swagger
17:14 - Working with Swagger and VS Code
21:51 - Testing with Postman and Open API specs
31:57 - Using Open API specs in a Python project
36:55 - How to generate test cases in TestRail with Open API specs and TRCLI
39:14 - Q&A

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