How To Set Up Test Coverage with Jira

Two of the most important metrics to track while testing are test coverage and traceability between user stories or requirements and tests.

Test coverage tells you if you’ve actually designed tests that will explore new functionality in your product, make sure it’s working as intended, and highlight bugs or areas of risk before you release to customers. Traceability gives you the full picture of requirements, the test cases you designed to test them, and the results of those tests.

In this video, you will learn how you can use TestRail to measure test coverage and traceability against user stories and requirements stored in Jira.

You'll learn how to:
00:00 - Create Test Coverage and Traceability with Jira
00:31 - Start Adding Test Cases from Jira
01:29 - Edit Jira User Story Directly in TestRail
02:04 - Quickly Add a Reference to Multiple Test Cases
03:19 - Use Reports to Check Test Coverage

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