How to Build Requirements Traceability with Jira

If your team uses Jira to manage product requirements or user stories, TestRail can help you build and maintain real-time traceability between requirements, development, and testing.

In this video, you will learn how to set up requirements traceability between Jira and TestRail, record test results and log defects, and generate traceability reports.

Topics covered:
00:00 Overview of Your Test Case Repository
01:19 How to Track a Jira Epic using Milestones
02:46 Test Planning for Traceability with Jira
04:30 Adding Results and Pushing Defects to Jira
06:28 Editing Jira Issues Directly from TestRail
07:29 Tracking Sprint Progress with TestRail
08:30 How to Generate Traceability Reports

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