Full Traceability for All with the Jira Integration

Traceability between test coverage and requirements is a must have for many companies, but it can be a challenge when it comes to quality assurance. Luckily, if you use TestRail and Jira, we've got you covered.

Watch this webinar with Diogo Rede, TestRail’s Solutions Architect & Testing Advocate, to make sure no requirement goes by untested and provide the most valuable information at all stages of testing.

Topics covered:
0:00 - Introduction
0:43 - How the integration works
5:50 - Connecting TestRail with Jira
6:40 - Start adding test cases from Jira
9:20 - Adding reference to multiple test cases
12:08 - Reporting on test coverage
15:43 - Q&A
23:00 - Planning for full traceability
24:51 - Milestone with Epic reference
27:11 - Plans and runs with multiple references
30:02 - Executing the test plan
31:32 - Pushing defects to Jira from TestRail
33:53 - Editing Jira issues from TestRail
36:00 - Getting the final results
38:56 - Assessing execution coverage
42:47 - Q&A

You are in good company. Many of the world’s best teams use TestRail.