TestRail third-party extensions and scripts

Many of our customers integrate our test management software TestRail with issue trackers (such as JIRA, Redmine or FogBugz), test automation tools or existing infrastructure like Active Directory or LDAP systems. To make this easy and to allow customers extend and customize the application, TestRail comes with various options such as our extensive API, authentication scripts, defect plugins and UI scripts.

Some of our amazing customers developed and published additional plugins, API bindings or migration scripts and today we want to highlight some of the great third-party extensions and scripts available for TestRail:

  • RetailMeNot Java API library

    This is a ready-to-use Java library for TestRail’s API developed and published by the RetailMeNot team. The project’s GitHub page also comes with extensive documentation on how to use the library. As an alternative you can also take a look at our basic Java API binding.

  • Zoosk .NET API library

    If you are using .NET (e.g. C# or VB.NET) to develop your automated tests, you will find this .NET API library developed by the Zoosk team useful. As an alternative you can also take a look at our basic .NET API binding.

  • Simply Measured Jenkins Plugin

    Many TestRail customers integrate their automated tests with TestRail and many teams use Jenkins and similar CI systems to schedule and trigger their automated tests. So we were very happy to see that Simply Measured decided to publish their Jenkins plugin to integrate JUnit-like result files and automated tests with TestRail.

    They are also accepting pull requests and feedback via the above GitHub project and you can also use this project as a starting point for other custom Jenkins plugins.

  • Unofficial Crowd authentication script

    TestRail can be integrated with third-party systems to implement single sign-on so that users don’t have to remember a new set of login credentials. We currently offer ready to use integration scripts for Active Directory and LDAP systems but you can also develop your own custom authentication scripts. The above project features an authentication script for the Atlassian Crowd directory server.

In addition to the above libraries and scripts, please note that we also have simple API bindings for popular programming languages such as Java, .NET, Ruby, PHP and Python that you can find in TestRail’s API documentation. You can also find various other scripts and examples in the relevant section of our support forum.

There are also many additional TestRail-related projects available on GitHub that you might find interesting as a starting point for your own customizations and that you can contribute to, such as alternative migration scripts, a basic Python API wrapper, a project that implements an API wrapper for node.js, another Python wrapper and many more.

If you or your team developed any additional libraries, plugins, UI scripts or extensions for TestRail that you would like to share, please let us know by emailing us or by posting on our forum.

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