TestRail 2.5 now available

We are pleased to announce the release of TestRail 2.5, a new version of our web-based test management tool. The new version comes with many new features such as customizable columns for the test suite and run grids, sorting and grouping options for tables, a powerful test case selection filter for test plans and runs and various other enhancements and new integration options. Please see below for a detailed description of the new features and improvements.

Customizable Columns

TestRail 2.5 comes with a new customizable column feature that allows you to add new columns to the grids (such as the test run, suite and to-do pages), so you can show any additional details directly on the overview pages. This allows you to show a list of found defects, test case custom fields or any other detail you and your team wants to highlight. It’s also possible to configure different columns for different projects and views as needed.


Sorting and Grouping

The new version also makes it easy to sort and group test cases and tests directly in the grids. Want to see the tests that took the most time to execute? Or do you want to group your test cases by test type or test status? All this and more is now possible directly in the grids and tables of TestRail.

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Case Selection Filter

If you have larger test suites or test plans, but don’t have enough time to execute all tests against a new software build, or if you just want to make sure that no regressions exist in a new version of your software, then executing just a subset of your test case collection is a useful feature. TestRail 2.5 makes this easier by enabling you to select test cases for a new test run or plan via filters. You can just include test cases of a certain type or priority, or filter any other test case attributes (including custom fields) or combination of fields with the new handy test case selection filter.


Redmine, Pivotal Tracker & Lighthouse

We’ve also worked on improved defect tracker integration for the popular Redmine, Pivotal Tracker and Lighthouse project management tools. We now ship defect plugins for those tools with TestRail and you can enable the defect tracker integration either under Administration > Site Settings > Integration (for all projects), or under Administration > Projects (for individual projects).

Rerunning Plans and Test Runs

Many teams have more test cases for a project than they can possibly execute during a single iteration, so concentrating on failed or not-yet-executed tests for new iterations is a good way to ensure that all test cases have been covered at least once for a new software release. TestRail’s new version allows you to select just your failed or untested cases for a new test run or plan, making it easy to ensure that all your cases and failed tests get verified.


Other improvements

TestRail 2.5 also comes with many other enhancements such as an improved administration area, more flexible defect plugin customizations and broader support for image uploading for text fields. The new version also comes with redesigned test run and test plan edit forms, making it easier to select test cases for your runs and listing your plan’s suites in a more compact form. We also improved the way texts wrap in TestRail to make it easier to work with long project, case or suite titles. You can view a full list of enhancements and changes in the changelog.


Getting the new version

Existing customers can download the new version from our customer portal. All TestRail Hosted accounts (paid or trial subscriptions) have already been updated to the new version. New users can download our QA management software or create a hosted trial from our website. If you want to update your existing TestRail download trial, please contact us and we will provide you with the necessary details. Please refer to TestRail’s Admin Manual on how to upgrade an existing installation.

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