Trigger Your Test Automation Strategy: The QA Leader’s Guide to Effective Test Automation

While automation is key to any modern testing team, few teams build out their automation with a way that allows them to achieve consistent success.

This guide will introduce you to key concepts and strategies to help you deliver consistent results with your automation program, including:

  • Implementing and balancing automation

  • Selecting the right automation framework and tools

  • Choosing which tests to automate and integrating them with your test cycles

  • Measuring the success of your automation program

  • And more

Executive Summary

Developing an effective test automation program that produces tangible results is often a bigger challenge than QA teams bargain for. As you launch and scale your automation program, you’ll likely find friction around deciding what to automate, surfacing results from automated testing, the costs of maintaining your test automation infrastructure, adopting tools and framework that your team can support, and integrating automation into your agile test cycles. This guide is intended to introduce key concepts around test automation, provide steps to guide your automation strategy, and help you measure the success of your automation to deliver consistent results.

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