Orchestrate Your Entire
QA Process in One Centralized Platform

Get total control over your testing and build repeatable, scalable workflows that work for your team

Test Management

Centralize test management

Manage all of your manual, exploratory, and automated tests in one place to gain full visibility into your testing. Centralize your testing activities to make it easier to access and manage test assets, reduce duplication, and ensure consistency across the testing process.

test case management
Centralized Test Repository
Organize, manage, and track your automated and manual test cases in hierarchical folders in one collaborative platform.
Reusable Test Cases
Reuse test cases across multiple test runs and copy test cases to new suites or projects.
Custom Fields
Create and manage unique test case fields, like a dropdown menu to select the automation status of a test case or a multi-line text field to detail goals as part of an exploratory session.
Import Test Cases
Migrate any existing test cases from CSV files or other test management tools to maintain your historical data.
Quick-add Test Cases
Quickly outline your testing scenarios by adding one or more test cases without filling in all test case fields.
Test Case Templates
Use out-of-the-box templates for scripted, steps-based, or exploratory tests or define your own templates to ensure consistency and efficiency.
Test History
Record all changes to test cases and historical results for every test so that you can see who executed the test, which test plans and runs the test was included in, and associated comments.
Shared Test Steps
Reuse the same set of test steps across multiple test cases so you can edit a single set of steps once and the edits will automatically be distributed to all test cases using those steps.
Test Suites
Use a single, centralized test case repository to store and organize cases, or divide into different repositories to gain more granularity and control.
Test Case Versioning
Compare test case versions side-by-side to track how test cases have changed over time.
Coverage Reports
Link tests to issues to find requirement gaps, reduce defect leakage, and ensure tests cover your application’s features.
Test Case Approvals
Setup collaborative review and approval processes to ensure test cases accurately define your application and meet your organization’s standards.

Planning & Collaboration

Build effective test plans together

Effortlessly manage everything from individual test runs to establishing a test case approval process. Leverage your team’s collective expertise and ensure your team knows what to work on and when.

Test Runs
Define a group of tests to be run, assign tests to your team members, and execute all tests to record results.
Test Plans
Group and execute multiple test runs to test your application against different operating systems, browser, test environments, or devices.
Define scope, set a due date, and link multiple testing efforts together to track test execution progress towards a goal.
To Do Lists
Keep your team on track with personalized to-do lists, advanced filtering options, and a central place to execute.
Test Parameterization
Manage test data in one location and run the same test with multiple values without ever having to copy or maintain duplicate test cases.
Estimates & Forecasting
Enter time estimates for cases and actual test times when recording results to forecast how long it will take to complete a given Milestone, test plan, or test run.

Test Automation & Integrations

Integrate with issue-trackers, CI/CD, and test automation

Whether you are using popular tools such as Selenium, unit testing frameworks, or continuous integration (CI) systems like Jenkins—TestRail can be integrated with almost any tool.

Defect & Requirement Integrations
Integrate with external requirements managers, bug-trackers, and issue management tools like Jira, GitHub Issues, Azure DevOps and more to link requirements, automatically create new defects, and view defect status.
Test Automation Integrations
Integrate with popular test automation frameworks like Selenium, Cypress, JUnit, Playwright, TestNG, Sauce Labs, and others—or with your own in-house tooling—to visualize results, track coverage, and link to defects.
CI/CD Integrations
Upload results from test automation workflows running in build pipelines or jobs on any CI tool, including Jenkins, GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps, Bitbucket, and more.
Enable powerful integrations using the TestRail API to fetch, add, and manipulate virtually any test entity or artifact.
Automatically upload and report on results from common test automation frameworks and tools from the command line or a CI/CD tool.
Trigger outbound requests when testing events occur such as creating or updating a test case, test run, or test plan.
Test Automation Triggers
Use UI scripts to add custom functionality to your TestRail instance like triggering test automation runs, pushing updates to collaboration tools like Slack with the click of a button, and more.
Centralized Reporting
Report on test results from dozens of DevOps tools for efficient analysis and visibility across your team.

Test Tracking & Traceability

Track testing end-to-end

Maintain compliance and triage risks faster by monitoring the progress of all your testing activities in one place—from manual exploratory tests to automated regression tests and everything in between.

Efficient Workflows
Quickly open a test, review test steps, add results, and jump to the next test with the three-pane view.
Log Test Results
Log results per test step, capture testing times and environment details, and upload screenshots and other attachments to provide context.
Push Defects
Link to and push defects to issue tracking tools like Jira to report bugs to the development team instantly.
Traceability Reports
Trace work from definition to delivery by linking test artifacts to requirements and defects.
Rerun Tests
Clone a test run or test plan without test results to recreate previous runs or plans without having to configure every setting.
Freeze Results
Close test runs to indicate all tests have been addressed, prevent changes, and preserve historical records of testing.


Get full visibility into quality

Make data-driven decisions faster with test analytics and reports that give you the full picture of your quality operations.

Test Metrics
Generate comprehensive project reports, track test coverage, and build traceability between requirements, tests, and defects.
Live Dashboards
Real-time reports for projects, milestones, and test runs lets your team see the status of all associated testing from progress to defects.
Cross-Project Reporting
Compare test activity across multiple projects, milestones, test plans, and runs.
Shareable Reports
Generate and email reports on a schedule or on-demand to communicate testing progress and results internally and externally with customers, partners, and stakeholders.
Automatic Report Generation
Automatically generate reports based on configured schedules to easily forward metrics and testing results to your entire team.
Customizable Charts
Organize dashboard charts according to your needs by viewing, selecting, and filtering for the data you need.


Maintain security & compliance

Centralize admin visibility and control to support compliance and governance so that your data stays secure–whether your team is in one location or globally distributed.

Single Sign-On
Enforce security policies to ensure users’ credentials aren’t lost, stolen, or reused with SSO via SAML 2.0, OAuth, and OpenID Connect.
Multi Factor Authentication
Ensure your team authenticates their login via email or popular authenticator apps to better protect access to your data.
Roles-Based Access
Govern global and project roles and permissions with simple yet fine-tuned controls that ensure every user only has the access they need—from contractors to full-time staff.
Custom Roles
Use fine-grained permissions to assign user roles and organize your team in groups to ensure each team member only has the access they need.
Audit Log
Track every entity that’s created, updated, and deleted in your TestRail instance.
Project Level Administration
Delegate project and user management responsibilities to a subset of users without giving them full administrative access to TestRail.
User Groups
Organize testers in groups to meet unique workflows for each project. Then add roles, create new users, and update permissions as your team grows.
TestRail - Modern Integrations

Deep integrations mean deeper insights

Leverage TestRail's built-in integrations and extensive API to create your ideal testing tool stack

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“TestRail has given our team insight into test metrics and improved stability. It provides visibility for testing initiatives and the ability to run automation jobs from the platform.”

Matthew Kupferer, SDET

Compassion International



Build QA workflows with flexible organization features and integrations that fit the way your team does testing


Customize many behaviors and testing entities within the platform–from test case and results fields to test case templates and test automation triggers


Onboard new users quickly with easy-to-use and intuitive testing workflows that enable you to scale your team without sacrificing quality standards


Maintain stakeholder visibility while handling increases in testing activities as your business and application grow

Enterprise, but for every
business size

Scale QA processes across your organization, increase stakeholder visibility,
and identify product risk faster, all while maintaining security and compliance

Enterprise level security

Built-in advanced security features like SSO and project administrator permissions protect your data

Stakeholder visibility

Easily provide stakeholders with the visibility they require via simple, visual reports and cross-project dashboards

Custom Integrations

Take advantage of flexible integrations with dozens of DevOps tools to connect testing and development

Priority support & onboarding

Experience unlimited technical support that includes remote sessions with expert Support Engineers

Build quality processes and release with confidence