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Now that the first TestRail beta is out (you can still apply to join), we are already thinking about new things to add to our upcoming test case management software. While it’s often said that one shouldn’t add major new features to a running beta test, we already knew that we wanted to add a few more things before releasing the final version. We wanted to get feedback as early as possible with the beta, while still providing a very usable and also very stable version.

We are thinking about introducing support for configurations and test plans (in addition to TestRail’s test suites and runs) in the TestRail beta and ask for your feedback and comments. Please see my forum posting with details and mockups of the new feature. If you are participating in the TestRail beta, if you have used similar tools in the past or if you just want to share your comments and ideas, please post your feedback to the TestRail forum. Thanks!

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