New Gurock Software website launched

Besides working on SmartInspect and our upcoming new product TestRail, which I will introduce in the next posting on this blog, we have also been working on a new Gurock Software website recently. Although the old website wasn’t bad, we wanted to simplify the structure of the site, give it a fresh modern look and improve the overall navigation. We have also updated this blog to match the new website look.

The new site just went online, but we aren’t completely done yet. In the coming months we also plan to rewrite our customer portal, online store and most of the backend parts of the site, so there’s still a lot to do. One of the more complex tasks will be migrating to a new order processing system, as we plan to stop using ShareIt to handle our online sales. We have also migrated the forum to a new software package and imported the old topics and postings. Due to technical reasons we were unfortunately not able to import the old forum accounts, so please create a new account if you plan to participate in our support forum.

With the new website finally online, we would appreciate your feedback on the new site. Since we changed most of the pages and content, it would great if you could leave a comment or send us an email in case you notice any problems or other issues. Enjoy!

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