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TestRail Website Relaunch

It’s been months in the works – and now it’s finally here: the completely re-designed TestRail website, with a refreshed design and easier navigation.

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Pursuing the Secure Cryptocurrency Wallet

Although you can test blockchain apps using non-live blockchains, eventually you have to assess how your app runs in a live environment. That means you have to use it, and pay for it, using real cryptocurrency. The security of your cryptoassets, even when t...

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New Gurock Software website launched

Besides working on SmartInspect and our upcoming new product TestRail, which I will introduce in the next posting on this blog, we have also been working on a new Gurock Software website recently. Although the old website wasn’t bad, we wanted to simplify...

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SmartInspect presentation available for download

Ever since we started offering free SmartInspect license vouchers and flyers to user groups, we also wanted to make a quick SmartInspect presentation available to interested groups and customers. We’ve just built such an introductory presentation whic...

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MicroISVs and microsites: an experiment

We have decided to try something new (to us) and launch two microsites related to Java logging and .NET logging. Both websites should be useful starting points for developers looking for more information about available logging frameworks and links to (main...


MicroISV Sites that Sell on Bits du Jour

Thanks to Olaf for reminding me about this one. Bob Walsh’s recently released ebook MicroISV Sites that Sell is featured on Bits du Jour today. This means that you can get Bob’s ebook about unique selling propositions for just $10 for the rest o...

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New Gurock Software forum

I finally found the time to install a new forum software for the Gurock Software website. We used our own custom forum before (which, in retrospect, wasn’t a very smart idea) but wanted to get a more advanced forum with user accounts, email notificati...


Unhiding Google Groups

One of our readers, Joaquín Bernal, was nice enough to build and send me a small Chickenfoot script to unhide the Google Groups link I mentioned in the previous blog posting. Chickenfoot is similar to Greasemonkey but with a much simpler syntax. Here is ...


Google hides newsgroups

You might know that I’m a big fan of searching Google Groups to solve technical problems. It looks like Google decided that Groups aren’t that important and to hide it on the default Google website: You have to click on more to open a small wind...

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MSDN Search now powered by MSN

Most people probably know this already, but it was new to me: the MSDN search is now powered by Windows Live (aka MSN Search). My Microsoft ISV buddy told me this (Hi K. :-)) and he is right about the increased speed and search quality. I tried some search ...


Why I don’t use MSN/Yahoo Search

The quality of Google’s search results are steadily declining. I have been testing the Yahoo and MSN search for some queries in the last weeks and I have to say that they often have better results. I’m not sure if this is the case because Google...

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New Gurock Software website (finally!)

After weeks of work we are happy to have the new Gurock Software website up and running. It’s always fascinating to see how much work such a small project really takes. Designing all the pages, adjusting the old PHP code, writing the copy, making scre...

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