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Tips for Writing Effective Test Cases

Writing test cases is an art that requires the use of effective test design techniques mixed with experience, creativity and thinking out of the box.This blog discusses about some ideas to think of and write better and more effective test cases before you b...

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What Metrics Should You Be Using?

Many high-profile testers react negatively to most metrics programs. They argue that measurements usually do not measure the things intended. They point out that people change their behavior to drive the metrics in the direction management wants to see. The...

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Performance Tests Deserve Continuous Testing Too

Continuous Testing (CT) is often described in terms of unit tests. Performance tests deserve to be in CT, too, though. While performance testing has its challenges, the right understanding makes it possible not just to fit performance into CT, but to make t...

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How to Unit Test Your Database

Historically, if you asked what unit testing was, you’d probably get a curious mix of definitions.This has included everything from very specific definitions to the extremely vague.Unit testing is the flossing of the technical world: If we don’t...

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