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Three Things to Learn

Continuous learning is a critical concept for your career and personal life. Here are three ideas that you can apply to grow professionally and personally.

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Test Configuration Under Kubernetes Using Secrets

Kubernetes puts containers and container orchestration at the forefront of systems design. Kubernetes is a dynamic environment with configurations requirements that can change at the drop of a dime. This is true for configuration information that is general...

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Top Five Code Metrics to Help You Test Better

Understanding the health of the software’s codebase can help you better focus your testing efforts. Static analysis metrics can help testers focus in on areas of the codebase to invest extra attention. There are a great many metrics available for meas...

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Leveraging Code Kata as a Tester

Modern software testers need to be comfortable with code. The days of testers not being able to open up a code editor and understand software fundamentals are thankfully vanishing. As modern testers, we need to embrace a new challenge. This doesn’t me...

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4 Properties of Highly Testable Code

Not all code is created equal. If you want to test code, then it should be testable. How do you recognize a highly testable code base? Or even better, how do you turn your code base into a highly testable state if it’s currently not? To answer these q...

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The Only Coding Standard You’ll Ever Need

When someone says the phrase coding standard, usually the first thing that comes to our minds is formatting, but of course, coding standards can cover so many more things. We could debate these standards elements, and so many more, for hours on end. Somet...

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The Challenge of Determining Acceptable Code Coverage

Any line of code that hasn’t been exercised in a test is a potential risk. Thus, test practitioners use a metric called the code coverage percentage to determine how much of the code that’s been written has been exercised in testing. Many compan...

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5 Myths about Test Driven Development

I’ve seen a lot of misconceptions, or myths about test driven development over the years. So today, let’s clear things up. Let’s debunk some myths about test driven development!Test driven development is a simple but powerful technique fo...

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4 .NET Test Isolation Frameworks

First things first. What is a test isolation framework? It’s not a terribly difficult question to answer, but it’s not a trivial one either. So let’s get that out of the way, first. And then, we’ll look at some options you have i...


I Taught Myself to Code and You Can Too!

Many people want to teach themselves to code. The problem is that there are hundreds of resources, and it’s difficult to judge what works, and what you need. Knowing how to break a complicated subject down into smaller pieces, and how to connect abstr...

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