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How to Unit Test Your Database

Historically, if you asked what unit testing was, you’d probably get a curious mix of definitions.This has included everything from very specific definitions to the extremely vague.Unit testing is the flossing of the technical world: If we don’t...

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Testing Predictive Analytics Models

Testing data analytics models is different from testing most other types of software. While you are testing the model’s performance, you’re also testing how well it performs on data. Any model’s accuracy depends on the model itself and the...

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What’s Your Project Rhythm?

Collocated teams who work within 30 meters of each other can exploit iterations as a timebox. Distributed teams with enough hours of overlap can also use iterations. But if you can’t tell when a distributed team’s day starts or ends, iterations ...

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5 Strategies for Going Deep on Kubernetes Debugging

Kubernetes brings power and control to working with web-scale applications. But Kubernetes also obscures a lot of internal activity, which creates challenges for debugging. Learn 5 tools and techniques that allow developers and testers to go deep when debug...

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Does Blockchain Make Sense for Me?

Blockchain technology is one of the most popular new topics in technology circles today. A blockchain solution can offer transparency, security, fault tolerance, auditability and, in some cases, reduced operational costs. It seems that everyone wants to rol...

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Understand Your Geographically Distributed Agile Team

We tend to lump all kinds of distributed and dispersed teams together. But they are different and their differences imply different benefits and problems between teams. Learn the difference between satellite, cluster, and nebula teams, and how to facilitate...

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Pursuing the Secure Cryptocurrency Wallet

Although you can test blockchain apps using non-live blockchains, eventually you have to assess how your app runs in a live environment. That means you have to use it, and pay for it, using real cryptocurrency. The security of your cryptoassets, even when t...

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Five Learning Resources

All too often we lose sight of how important it is to make improvement and learning a priority. Life is hard and busy, but there are a wealth of tools, tricks, and resources to help you learn. Sometimes they’re even fun!

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