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QA Best Practices to Improve Software Testing

Software testing is crucial for ensuring high-quality software releases. However, one often overlooked aspect is the quality of the Quality Assurance (QA) process within your team. A well-streamlined QA process not only identifies more bugs but also aids in...

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TestRail User Survey Results 2020: Part 1

We are excited to share the insights from the 2020 TestRail User Survey. In total, we received over 2,500 responses to this year’s survey! In this post, we share the results and break down some key demographic highlights from this year’s survey....

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How to Hire the Agile Team You Need

You’re interested in hiring for an existing agile team tell me, if you can: What’s core to the culture of that team- what do they hold near and dear about how they work? Which one technical element is a must-have if there are any? If you canR...

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21 Questions to Ask When Being Interviewed

When you attend an interview you expect to be judged based on your answers to questions the interviewer asks you. But did you stop to think about whether they’re also judging the questions YOU ask THEM in response?The questions you ask demonstrate cur...

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Changing Times: An Interview with Rich Rogers

… If we care about quality we can’t just add some magic ingredient. We have to think (and talk) about it at every stage of a product’s life, and this means thinking (and talking) about how the product will affect the real people it is inte...

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