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QA Best Practices to Improve Software Testing

Software testing is crucial for ensuring high-quality software releases. However, one often overlooked aspect is the quality of the Quality Assurance (QA) process within your team. A well-streamlined QA process not only identifies more bugs but also aids in...

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9 Ways to Become a First Class Noticer

Albert Einstein famously asked the question; How would it feel to ride on a beam of light? Why don’t you take a moment and just think about that yourself; how would it feel? Nobody knows the answer. We can speculate. Scientists can synthesize infor...

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Advice on Balancing Testers for Embedded Scrum Teams

The first scrum team I worked in was small. The developers sat on their side of the building and worked on new feature code. I sat on the other side with the testing group, looking for problems in the new code. Testers and developers met once each morning t...

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Consider “Reasonable” UI Test Automation

The stories I hear about User Interface (UI) test automation are often fantastic or tragic. Some of those fantastic projects have thousands of tests running on parallel virtual machines that start with every new code check in. These stories usually involve ...

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How We Improve Software Tester & QA Interviews

The worst interview I ever had lasted 8 hours. It started with a morning quiz on development methods and technology stacks. After that I went to a lunch with 15 strangers and was asked what I do outside of work for fun, and why I wanted to work there. The s...

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Getting Started With API Testing For Fun & Profit

Shift-Left was the testing meme of 2016. Everyone I spoke with was insisting that testers should be involved earlier in the development process, ideally when features were being defined, something I personally agree with. To shift left in a meaningful way, ...

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