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Travis CI Joins the Idera Family of Testing Tools

Idera, Inc. has announced the acquisition of Travis CI, a market leader in continuous integration. Travis CI will join TestRail in Idera, Inc.’s Testing Tools division, which also includes Ranorex and Kiuwan.Idera, Inc., parent company of global B2B s...

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Secure Software Development in an Agile Environment

Many software developers view security as a non-functional requirement. The perception is that adding security features slows things down. As organizations move to agile software development, security too often gets left behind. However, it is possible to i...

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A Definition of Done for Modern Development

Software organizations tend to operate on a definition of done. Each instance of ‘done’ usually means one specialty in the development group is ready to hand off a piece of work to another specialty. I have been working in an extreme programming...

Agile, Continuous Delivery, General, Software Quality

3 Tips for Measuring Test Coverage in an Automated Environment

Modern development practices tend to be automation heavy. developers test drive and build unit tests, tests against the service, and then something against the UI. Through out the development cycle, people are exploring the change. How do we assess coverage...

Agile, Continuous Delivery, General, Software Quality

Leading the Agile Culture Change

When people start to change their questions and measurements, they often change their culture. Agile approaches change the culture of the project and organization. Here is how testers can change the conversation from being a “support” part of th...

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