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How to Integrate Selenium with TestRail

TestRail allows you to capture all testing activities related to the system under test so you can answer questions like What’s the status of testing? How much testing is left? Do we feel confident that we’ve done enough testing to go live?This d...

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DevOps Test Strategy for Successful Testers

As a tester, it can be intimidating to get involved in the middle of the testing process, especially on a highly technical project. But often DevOps teams can benefit greatly from the mindset and input of a seasoned tester. How do you approach these teams, ...

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Continuous Testing in DevOps

Continuous delivery is necessary for agile development, and that cannot happen without having continuity in testing practices, too.Continuous delivery is necessary for agile development, and that cannot happen without having continuity in testing practices,...

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The On-Demand Test Environment

An on-demand test environment can solve a lot of problems. This might be a web server, possibly with a test database, just for the tester. In the case of a mobile app, it might mean pushing a new build onto a phone, but it is more likely to mean testing aga...

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Surviving as a Tester in DevOps

DevOps brings changes that can make it tricky to see how testers fit into the new norm. Testing skills will still be valuable and necessary, but it’s a good idea for testers to develop the skills needed to thrive in a DevOps environment.

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Containers and Testing: Friends or Foes?

Virtualized container use in software application development and deployment is increasing across nearly all industry verticals. Containers provide advantages of virtualization without draining computing resources. When used in the testing process, containe...

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Using Static Analysis Tools for Testing and Code Health

How can you help your organization test your software better? Static Analysis tools are a critical part of any team’s overall efforts to build and maintain great software. This article focuses on static analysis tools themselves, and how to implement ...

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