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35 Challenging Interview Questions for Testers

Back in 2015, we gave you a list of interview questions sourced from the best thinkers in the testing community to help you hire the best testers for your team. Many of those questions are just as relevant today, so we revisited the list to give you even mo...

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What Metrics Should You Be Using?

Many high-profile testers react negatively to most metrics programs. They argue that measurements usually do not measure the things intended. They point out that people change their behavior to drive the metrics in the direction management wants to see. The...

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Leading in Times of Organizational Uncertainty

Change is probably the only thing we can count on when working in tech areas. For teams to continue to function effectively and deliver value, leaders must get in front of the organizational change management curve and actively engage the uncertainty their ...

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Public and Private Blockchain: What’s the Difference?

When they hear the term blockchain, most people still think of bitcoin. Bitcoin may have started the whole blockchain revolution, but the story doesn’t end there. Many enterprises are exploring blockchain solutions, and many of those are based on pr...

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Three Job Benefits of Better Speaking Skills

Public speaking can be extremely rewarding for many reasons. Too often the benefits directly in one’s workplace are overlooked. And you don’t need to present to hundreds at a TEDx talk or keynote a major software conference to reap the benefits....

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Understand Your Geographically Distributed Agile Team

We tend to lump all kinds of distributed and dispersed teams together. But they are different and their differences imply different benefits and problems between teams. Learn the difference between satellite, cluster, and nebula teams, and how to facilitate...

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