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How to Improve Automation Test CoverageĀ 

When developing automated tests, test coverage is fundamental for improving end-user experience and increasing software quality. This article outlines actionable steps and strategies for improving your automation test coverage.

Announcement, Automation

Announcing the TestRail CLI Tool

The TestRail team is proud to announce the release of the TestRail CLI Tool. Sending automated test results to TestRail just got a lot easier. By parsing and uploading JUnit style test results into TestRail directly from the command line or by running the C...

General, Automation

How to Decide if You Should Automate a Test Case

Test automation is imperative for the fast-paced agile projects of today. Testers need to continuously plan, design and execute automated tests to ensure the quality of the software. But the most important task is to decide what to automate first.Test autom...

General, Automation

Balance in Test Automation

Some experts advocate “Automate Everything.” Other experts assert “There is no such thing as automated testing.” Most of us just want to do our jobs the best way we can. We might use tools to help test the UI or with mobile apps. How...

TestRail, Agile, Automation, Continuous Delivery, Integrations

How to Integrate Selenium with TestRail

TestRail allows you to capture all testing activities related to the system under test so you can answer questions like What’s the status of testing? How much testing is left? Do we feel confident that we’ve done enough testing to go live?This d...

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