Manage Your Agile Test Cases with TestRail

Highly productive agile test case management to organize your software testing. Easily integrates with your favorite project management tool and automated tests. Get started today for free!

Organize, run, and capture results

Track Your Agile Test Cases
Define your tests, assign runs and schedule actionable reports.
Iterations, Sprints, and Milestones
All your important testing phases in one central place for your entire team to access.
Integrate Test Automation and Issues
TestRail integrates with all your tools, including JIRA, Jenkins, and Selenium.

Why should you use TestRail to manage your agile tests?

With each sprint and iteration, new test cases find their way into your test plan. But writing down test cases is just the first step. They have to be organized, scheduled, and their results tracked accordingly.

TestRail lets you do that and much more to streamline your testing process. TestRail is an agile test case tool that was designed especially with testers and managers in mind to provide a super fast, customizable & feature-rich user interface and application structure.
Integrated task lists, status dashboards, progress reports, and email notifications ensure that you have a clear understanding of your testing progress at all times.

Try TestRail for free to see how it can supercharge your agile test case management and testing efforts!

Orchestrate your entire QA process with ease

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TestRail - Modern Integrations

Deep integrations mean deeper insights

Leverage TestRail's built-in integrations and extensive API to create your ideal testing tool stack

Beyond the product

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